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Stickers, Patches, Stickers, Patches, Badges: What are Stitched Labels from SIGN OF MINE exactly?
SIGN of MINE stitched labels are self-adhesive, embroidered patches that adhere to any smooth, solid surface. Yes, you could also say patches or stickers. Patches are not quite right as they are usually sewn or ironed on. Stickers are usually made of plastic or paper.

Can stitched labels from SIGN of MINE also be sewed on fabric?
Our labels have a strong adhesive surface on the back, which is protected by a foil until it is pasted on. You can sew on the patches on the edge to assist on fabric and soft materials that move a lot and are curved to adhere to the edge. On fabrics like jersey, thin cotton, silk etc, we do not recommend pasting the stitched labels by SIGN OF MINE. But on solid leather (such as suitcases, bags, jackets), jeans or solid plastic.

Can I freely choose the color of stitched labels from SIGN of MINE?
Most stitched labels by SIGN OF MINE are available in several colors or color combinations. All selectable colors / color combinations can be clicked on the respective product. There are no other colors at the moment. But: SIGN of MINE is constantly expanding its color and product range. So it pays off to check our e-shop every now and then. And of course (almost) everything is possible as a custom-made product, see please contact us via mail:

Can the stitched labels be removed from SIGN of MINE and pasted on elsewhere?
SIGN OF MINE stitched labels are finished with a high-quality, strong adhesive designed to provide a long lasting adhesion on solid, smooth surfaces. They should not be detached and can not be used a second time.

I want to put a stitched label from SIGN of MINE on a suitcase. What happens when the suitcase gets into the rain?
Stitched Labels by SIGN of MINE are embroidered with very high-quality yarns and therefore splahproof. The glue is not water soluble. As tests with stitched labels on skis, helmets and bicycles have shown, even heavy showers can not harm the stitched label.

When a stitched label from SIGN OF MINE gets dirty - how can I clean it?
It's best to take warm water, a hand wash and a sponge and dab the label.

On which surfaces can you stick the stitched labels from SIGN of Mine? And what do I have to pay attention to when sticking?
The stitched labels from SIGN of MINE adhere permanently to all solid, smooth, clean and dry surfaces. For example on mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, on suitcases, trolleys and bags, on notebooks, folders and passports, on helmets, scooters, skis, on doors, walls, car interior etc. Basically, those materials suitable: metal, leather, lacquered wood, glass, ceramics and all solid, smooth plastics. Before sticking, you should make sure that the surface is clean and free of grease. And of course you should not touch the adhesive surface with your fingers after removing the protective foil. After adhering, press the Stitched Label firmly for several seconds and if necessary, complain for a while with a heavy object (such as books). Final adhesion is achieved after 48 hours.

On my stitched label, the embroidery is a bit irregular. Is this a mistake?
No. Small irregularities in the embroidery image and tiny threads are not mistakes, but a sign of craftsmanship. They do not affect the function of the stitched labels.

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